The Master's Program in Biomedical Engineering at Roma Tre University

The master’s degree program in Biomedical Engineering at Roma Tre University is designed to prepare students to pursue careers in research, development and management in the broad field of Biomedical Engineering, or as a step toward Ph.D. education in the related field. In this degree, students are provided with theory instruction in a selection of the traditional engineering disciplines, and they are exposed to specialized biomedical engineering topics, covering a number of BME disciplines. Within the master degree program, students are also immersed in a lively research environment where they can develop engineering solutions to real world clinical and health challenges. A prospective student in Biomedical Engineering at Roma Tre University is required to hold a Bachelor of Science (Laurea) in Industrial or Information Engineering, and students coming from other areas, including Biomedical Technologies and Applied Sciences can also be evaluated for admission. The curriculum consists of specialized biomedical engineering courses, core engineering courses with applications in the biomedical science domain, and electives in a variety of fields in the health science and technology area. Technical electives and internships are also present together with the production of a master thesis in the biomedical engineering field.

Prof. Conforto and prof. Schmid interviewed about the Master's Program @ RadioRomaTre
Roma Tre University

Roma Tre University (Italian: Università degli Studi Roma Tre) is an Italian public research university located in Rome, Italy, with its main campus situated in the Ostiense quarter. Founded in 1992 by the Ministry of Public Education, under the request of several professors of the Sapienza University of Rome, it was the third public university to be established in the metropolitan area of Rome.

The university comprises 8 schools and 32 departments, enrolling 35,338 students and having 1,370 academic and professional staff. At present, the university offers 54 undergraduate degree programs, 75 master's degree programs, 16 doctoral schools and five PhD programs. It is the second-largest university of Rome by enrollment and one of the largest research-based institutions in the country.

Roma Tre University is ranked: 570 out of 20.300 universities in the World Rank of the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities; 392 out of 11.000 universities in the World Web Ranking of 4ICU - International Colleges & Universities; 858 out of 3.042 universities in the Global Ranking of the SCImago Institutions Rankings;[citation needed] 698 out of 2.500 universities in the World Ranking of the University Ranking by Academic Performance.