Margaret Armentano

PhD Student at University of Glasgow

“I think that the Master's program in Biomedical Engineering at Roma 3 will be of very good quality and give the bases for building a flexible knowledge. In addition the courses in English will make it more competitive and open to foreigners. Having around people coming from all over the world is really nice because pushes us to accept different cultures and to open our mind.”

Fabio Bertollini

Technical Services Engineer at Verathon Medical Europe (Utrecht, Netherlands)

“I am confindent that studying in the Master's Program will be an important milestone in your career; you'll get the knowledge and the skills you need, while enjoying being part of an institution based in the most beautiful city in the world!”

Rossella Grasso

Software Developer at Cosmed, Roma

“This idea of the master's program in Biomedical engineering is surely an exciting choice for engineers. International vocation of this degree course will surely open very interesting job opportunities”

Debora Desideri

PhD Student at Center for Neurology Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research Brain Networks and Plasticity Laboratory - Universitätsklinikum Tübingen

“Studying Bioengineering will open you a brand new world of possibilities to make something innovative and meaningful to improve the quality of life of many people. Challenge yourself and make the difference!”

Daniele Casini

Software Developer @ DEK Technologies, Stockholm

“I would heartily recommend the Master’s program in Biomedical Engineering to others. During my studies, I have improved a number of transferable skills such as problem solving, comunication and evaluation which are fundamental to my career. Moreover, Roma Tre has offered me a well-rounded student life to complement an exceptional course of study.”